Welcome to the Algorithms for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Group!

We are based in Queens College and the Graduate Center, the City University of New York (CUNY).
Our lab space is free of windows, but also proudly free of Windows.


(from the left: Kai, James, Andy, Eric, Liang, Dezhong, Lemao, and Mingbo. Queens College, May 2014.
The official languages of our group are currently English, Mandarin, Wu, French, and Spanish.)

I have the rare honor of working with some of the brightest students and scholars.



“Lambdas really changed my life.”

-- Barbara Partee (details)

We focus on the theoretical and algorithmic aspects of computational linguistics, in particular, efficient algorithms and datastructures for parsing and machine translation, linear-time algorithms, and grammar formalisms. We also study structured learning theory (esp. under inexact inference) and online learning theory (esp. online approximations of SVM and parallelizing online learning), and try to scale them up for big-data in practice. We also work on the intersection of NLP with compiler theory and programming languages, theoretical computer science, psycholinguistics, historical linguistics, and computational biology. For more details, visit the PI's website.

Group Rules and Values

“CEOs are supposed to have class. I can see that isn't an opinion you hold.”

-- Steve Jobs to Michael Dell (1997)

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all students/postdocs are entitled to a good education and quality training in research skills.